the hardest working boob in showbiz

I am in awe of the amount of attention being paid to Janet Jackson’s right breast. While I share in the public’s disapproval, I really think it is time to get a grip. Its not like overt sexuality hasn’t been a part of the Super Bowl for some time-and I’m not just referring to the player’s off the field exploits. Football has been tied to bikini clad beer girls almost as long as pin-ups have been mandatory in Texaco station repair shops.

Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like we have real problems? Maybe I’m twisted, but JJ’s boob just isn’t on the same radar screen as unemployment, Iraq, the conflict in Israel/Palestine, or our corrupt ruling class. It seems pretty clear to me that our youth are corrupted in a far more serious way by observing the obscene political process than by a bare breast only seen by Tivo users.

But here we are with preening politicians feigning outrage over the obscenity, to whom I would put the obvious rhetorical question: Is the subject breast more obscene than your behavior?


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