called on the carpet bombing


1024px-boeing_b-52_dropping_bombsIt isn’t so shocking that Donald Trump said of ISIS, “I would bomb the shit out of ‘em.” He does after all have a track record of saying some seriously stupid things. One reward for that is an extremely long list of websites dedicated to his rhetorical malefactions.

The other reward, apparently, is becoming an early favorite to earn the GOP nomination. Seething with jealousy, Ted Cruz too has entered the fray for the heavyweight troglodyte title. Though I realize that blood sport is all about the kill, having a second contender suggest carpet bombing strains even this Curmudgeon’s ability to discern the depths of American political dysfunction.

This is genuinely stupefying.

Primaries bring out the worst in politicians being more like precinct donnybrooks or professional wrestling than an ordered process to pick the leader of the free world. It gets ugly. Really ugly. Just ask Edmund Muskie.

But this is a different species of ugly than the 1972 dirty tricks. As grotesque as presidential politics has always been, policy has been treated seriously albeit somewhat superficially. The only prominent candidate that has ever approached this level of cavalier exposition was Barry Goldwater, and that didn’t work out so well for him.

One might think these candidates had taken a leave of their senses if it were not for the admonition that one should not attribute to insanity that which is adequately explained by self-interest. And from their perspective, it is working out grandly.

I’m certainly not alone pointing out that primaries are necessarily focused on solidifying a candidate’s political base. This is a truism. Yet the radical lack of propriety gives one a sense that perhaps there is a fundamental shift in play. Clearly, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Worry about America later.

I have no quarrel with a candidate advocating aggressive pursuit of criminals, but these glib sound-bites smack more of Western-centrism or racism than policy. I must be missing something because I see no possible advantage to this hyperbole. I would love for a Trump or Cruz apologist to explain this approach to my moderate Muslim friends.

Anyone that utters such nonsense must never be handed the Football.

This would all be great political fun if the stakes were not so high—but I am finding it hard to laugh at the political class and their minions this time around. Make no mistake about it, the world order is transmuting around us and as the center of the old order, the United States matters. How we select our leadership matters. How the President conducts himself matters. The world is watching.

In horror.

Well, not quite. There are those who find the United States an obstacle to their vision for the world order. There are those bitter about any number of American excesses on the world stage that are eager to witness our death throes. There are those simply jealous.

And there is Hillary.

She never dreamed of an opponent less likable than herself.


25 thoughts on “called on the carpet bombing”

  1. So let me get this straight, the comment section can only allow two levels of replies, there is no edit or delete option.

    How come I feel like I am at the Bridge of Death via Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and my answers (and typing skills) now take on a much higher risk?


    1. I couldn’t reply to your birther thesis below, so doing it here. You had a record sentence in there…setting lots of records.

      How many of our white presidents were asked to produce a birth certificate? I remember some proposal of new law around peak birtherism that would require all presidents to produce a birth certificate. It did not pass, so it doesn’t sound like there has ever been a law to produce a birth certificate.

      So first black president … first request for birth certificate … first need to create law to produce citizenship.

      Coincidence much?

      We have a history buff / lawyer type creating this blog, so I risk a launching into the gorge. His reply will be something like “when you are king you need to know these things.”


  2. OK. I see what you are all saying about the comments. I can’t reply to Hartman’s post.

    Honestly, I haven’t give Obama’s birth status nearly as much thought as you. I agree that it all seemed a bit fishy, but that we had moved on from the discussion. I think it is mostly hatred that keeps the whole discussion going.


    1. Not replying to Hartman is wise, avoid the pain. 🙂

      “I think it is mostly hatred that keeps the whole discussion going.”

      That may be the most understated statement in the history of blog comment sections…at least the top 10 list.

      My advice to birthers when they find out where Barack was born is find us another one from there. He has been outstanding, even through all the hate. Just wait for the next State of the Union Speech:

      If it’s:

      Hillary – will need headache med
      Trump – will never leave your house again
      Bernie – become hypnotized
      Cruz – will break your tv hurling something at him
      Bush – think … who knew … George was the smarter brother
      Rubio – does this guy run on batteries
      Kasich – honey, who is Kasich?
      Carson – fall into a restless nightmare filled sleep


  3. I really don’t think I like WordPress’ comment system. I can’t reply where I want easily. Ah well. Nothing is perfect.

    But I did like Prof saying I “nailed it”. That made my day.

    It is sad the GOP voters agree on the Muslim ban. Very sad.

    I would propose my own ban-banning idiots from public office. But some of the same people supporting the Muslim ban would probably then call me a bigot.

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    1. Yep, WordPress bites. Having one of our thousand comment magnum opus discussions might lead to clogged phone lines at the suicide hotline office. Aparently PROGRAMMERS at WordPress do not for see discussions being more than an inch deep. Wish we had some insight from a programmer to understand this phenomena.


      1. Prof…cracked me up with that one. Maybe wordpress decides which post is worthy of a reply opportunity. 🙂 You are right, some of our old threads would have crushed this puppy. That common good dude went on and on…never shut up.

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  4. “likeability”

    I view this issue/trait a bit differently. I have one singular objective in picking my party, candidate, ideology… and that is the lives of the poor and middle class (I just figure the rich don’t need much help). I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the trickle down the GOP continues to sell is insufficient for the lives of the poor and the middle class and our economy… unfettered leads to unfair imo. So GOP is out with me… I am down to picking among the Dems.

    So my vote between Hillary and Bernie is mainly my assessment on the “result” on the lives of the poor and middle class. To me, the president is just a “means” to a “result”. At the end of the day, if the poor and middle class lives improve, what do I care if the president was “likeable” or “the one I would prefer to have a beer with”. Obviously the “likeability” trait comes into play, communicating with the country and working with the other party (good luck with that)… it’s just THE objective for me.

    But the Bernie vs Hillary vote gets complicated even under my singular goal. It does no good if I want to live in a Bernie world, but he loses to the GOP. Also, the bandwidth of the individual sitting behind the oval office matters. You can’t just pick someone because you are spot on with them on ideology, but then they can’t handle the job in this dangerous world.

    Bottom line… I like Bernie… not Hillary nearly as much (at least the TV impressions we get of candidates… probably completely different to know people behind the scenes.) I am having a really hard time getting past the $700 million Goldman Sachs speeches. I can get past the Wall Street funding of her campaign, because it would be foolish to unilaterally surrender the presidency over a moral stand against the current lame election system. The Dems would vote on publicly funded campaigns tomorrow in a heartbeat, but in the meantime can’t turn the country over to … jeeze… Trump? Bad enough when that answer would have been a “Romney”, but now “Trump”. Really, really scary times. But the speeches are different… that was just flat out for $. She becomes part of the 1% carrying the message “we can’t continue to accept this 1% income inequality society”. I’m sure someone will mention FDR… and it’s a fair point. That said, I don’t appear to be getting over it. 🙂


    1. For the record, I don’t think likability should be a factor. That doesn’t mean it won’t affect the election.

      I am not sure who in this field I’d call “likable”. O’Malley seem so, but he is gone. Carson…maybe. The Bern is likable in the sense of liking your crazy uncle when he visits and drives your parents nuts.

      Maybe I just dislike politicians too much to be objective on this.


  5. Hartman…one person, but who knows what split personalities reside in that orange head.

    Correction: It’s not the heroin. One third of Republicans … today … still are birthers. They believe Obama wasn’t born in the US and he is a Muslim. Trump says so many ignorant things in this election, it’s easy to forget Trump was the head birther. That his 35%…no more complicated than that.

    Here is a question. Who would win between the birther and the Democratic Socialist, assuming no third party candidate?


      1. “I know who would lose: the American people.”
        Huh? You have spent 10+ years railing against the two parties, and now you got that vote. Just can’t please some people. 🙂


    1. Old friend, you’ve thrown so much chum in the water, I can’t see if its daylight.

      “One third of Republicans … today … still are birthers. They believe Obama wasn’t born in the US and he is a Muslim.”

      #1 – It appears that rumor got started by Hillary pre-2008 election. However, that did make others notice. Although Obama’s handlers did a fantastic job of scrubbing the internet before his run, funny thing about paper left in the hands of commoners, memorabilia, scanners, and the internet. You’d think how Obama chose to refer to himself in published materials matters.

      What does matter is his really really believable Jpeg birth certificate that he released that, although it has yet to convince any document specialist that has examined it and dismantled it into it’s 26 unique components, still looks to the untrained and disinterested Stepford wife as a legitimate document. So who am I to argue?

      Although I am not a Republican, I do not believe very much that the president says, so therefore, yes, I do believe that he was not born in Kenya.

      “Trump says so many ignorant things in this election, it’s easy to forget Trump was the head birther.”

      Historically and currently Trump is a Democrat in this belief system. It’s just that he’s smart enough not to want to run against Ms. Rodham and have a Vince Foster vacation. But, take heart, he’s one of you guys. He has been pro-abortion, anti-free market, anti-gun. Did you notice that he doesn’t want to return to health care prior to ACA/ObamaCare? What does he say? He wants to *Replace* ObamaCare. Great, now our health insurance will go up an additional $2,500/year AND we get to call it TrumpCare. Ewwww.

      Trump doesn’t want to reduce the size of government, his website has all of his tax positions and, get this, he wants the policy to be revenue neutral, meaning the leviathan still takes a massive take of private wealth to malinvest, and he wants tax system even more progressive than Obama. He is definitely one of you guys. He repeats crap he hears, has no clue of the underlying principles – sounds just like a Democrat, right? 🙂

      I like to think of Trump as a Biden who actually made it in the market place.

      “Who would win between the birther and the Democratic Socialist”

      Big government. Basically, the Curmudgeon nailed it.


      1. So Hartman, I take it that you don’t care much for Trump. We share that at least. But you seem to be a passionate birther. Isn’t it time to let that one go?

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      2. Chum must still be thick, because I read you comment a couple of times, and wasn’t sure… did you just claim to be a birther? Or birther sympathizer? Confused me, which is easy these days.

        Last night in the N.H. exit polling, 66% of Republican voters agreed with the “ban all Muslims” thing. I heard that crap, am a Democract, and am REPEATING it here. 🙂

        I have trouble with brevity. 🙂


      3. RealDeal says: “So Hartman, …. you seem to be a passionate birther. Isn’t it time to let that one go?”

        Actually, I don’t really consider myself a birther, and I do not parade around bringing up the topic generally. Let’s just say that I am a political skeptic, and way too often, an opportunist.

        Ever notice that when someone is asked a direct question, when they avoid multiple times refusing to answer, or diverting the conversation, then there is a reason they don’t want to answer? Obama has left a long history of contradictory statements and evidence. I don’t suppose you’d like to try and reconcile all of those facts would you? In fact, in listening to CNN/MSNBC after both of Obama’s presidential elections, AFTER he was declared the winner, I heard the commentator news personalities describe Obama as “a man we hardly know anything about”. Not my words. Theirs.

        A Democrat lawyer by the name of Phil Berg is the person who pursued Obama’s birth circumstances and legitimacy greater than any Republican. He filed lawsuits, freedom of information requests, the whole 9 yards. At first I think he legitimately wanted Obama to come clean. However Obama is a political creature honed in the fires of community organizing.

        RealDeal, what should be our response when there is a requirement from the Constitution that a president be natural born, who has himself left a trail of records that contradict that, and then when asked about it, diverts, condescends, and refuses to provide evidence, but rather relies upon an all too willing progressive apologist media go to bat for him, bad mouthing anyone who would dare point out the contradictory information and request proof. If I was running for president and you knew the Constitutional requirements and you had heard me say that I was born in Kenya – are you going to be gullible and just accept my new condescending assurances, or would your adult like skepticism kick in? What if you also knew that I went to college as a foreign student – like Obama did?

        Do you even know all of Obama’s names, when they changed and why? I bet you know more about dead white presidents of 200+ years ago childhoods that you do of Obama’s.

        You and I can access our birth certificate in less than a day. Obama with his hoards of government paid resources could in minutes. It took Obama months to release a Certificate of Live Birth that at the time, Hawaii would give to a foreigner or house pet. Remember, Hawaii had only been a state for a couple of years by the time Obama was born.

        FYI, here are the names our president has used over the course of his life:
        Barack Obama Jr. aka Barack H. Obama Jr. aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Soetoro aka Barry Dunham aka Barry Obama aka Barack Hussein Obama

        Here is a little history…..
        Barack Obama Jr.’s mother is Stanley Ann Dunham, aka Ann Dunham, aka Stanley Ann Obama aka Ann Obama, aka Stanley Ann Soetoro, aka Ann Soetoro.

        Barack Obama Jr. was born to Barack Obama Sr., a citizen of Kenya and Stanley Ann Dunham, a citizen of the U.S.

        Barack Obama Jr.’s mother, Ann Dunham, divorced Barack Obama Jr’s father in or about 1963 when Barack Obama Jr was two years old.

        Then Barack Obama Jr.’s mother, Ann Dunham, married Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia. Lolo Soetoro legally acknowledged Barack H. Obama, Jr. et al. as his son and/or adopted him.

        While Ann Dunham (Soetoro) aka Stanley Ann Soetoro was married to Lolo Soertoro, Barack Obama Jr. was enrolled in the public school in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen.

        On August 20, 1980, Stanley Ann Soetoro, initiated divorce proceedings from Lolo Soetoro in Honolulu, HI.

        When asked, Barack H. Obama, Jr., et al claims he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii however, claims to have been born in two (2) separate hospitals. According to Barack H. Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, Barack, Jr. was born in Mombosa, Kenya and she was present during his birth. The Kenyan Government, claim they have the birthing records of Barack H. Obama, Jr. and the birth delivery records of Ann Obama, from Barack H. Obama, Jr.’s birth in Mombosa, Kenya, however, they have sealed the birth records of Barack H. Obama, et al, birth in Mombosa, Kenya and labled them top secret as a result of the presidential election.

        The questions are, “where was Barack Obama Jr. born”? Is Barack Obama, Jr. a/k/a Barry Soetoro still an Indonesian Citizen? What is Barack Obama, Jr. a/k/a Barry Soetoro’s legal name?

        After Obama is a grown man in college, he puts forth that he is a foreigner and born in Kenya.

        Eventually RealDeal, because of all of the contradictory lifelong and current information, why would you have ZERO skepticism about his birth?

        Eventually after records in Mombosa, Kenya and Hawaii were sealed, and much time passed, three versions of birth records were released. ALL of them upon examination, even by pro-Obama supporters, appeared to be, not just fake, but embarrassingly so on an amateur level.

        So, my question to you RealDeal, where does your confidence come from on Obama’s birth? What precisely do you do with the contradictory information in your mind?

        I am genuinely interested.



  6. I find your dig at Hillary Clinton at the end to be less than constructive. I fail to see the relevance to your generally well-articulated post.

    You paint a picture that makes it clear that the only serious contender in this election is Clinton. The Republicans are frothing at the mouth with hatred of anything that opposes their moneyed interests and showing themselves incapable of governing in the process. Clinton has the experience to do the job and you can see that in how she is staying above the fray.

    I think our time as voters is better spent digging into the issues rather than digging up personality profiles.


    1. Welcome to Curmudgeon land RealDeal.

      I’m horrified by the possibility that my words could implicitly support Hillary, so I best qualify myself. 😀

      My last remark was not a dig at Hillary. Make no mistake about it…I jab at the candidates of Two-party Hall regularly and enthusiastically—that just wasn’t one of them. This is a primary election and as such, “likability” is very much an issue before us. Perhaps you do not think it should be a factor, but it is relevant discussion. And I really do think that both Trump and Cruz manage to not vault the low bar she sets.

      And I totally agree that the GOP is a horde of serial frothers.

      Don’t be scared off by the hostility in these parts. We are fun once you get to know us.

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      1. Carpet bomber #1 and serial frother wins N.H. primary. Kind of makes that establishment choice look good in comparison. Must be the heroin, only real defense of that vote. The only way to make Trump look ok is put Cruz next to him.

        Bernie wins, so you got your outsiders.

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      2. old friend: “Carpet bomber #1 and serial frother wins N.H. primary.”

        Is that a description of one person or two? 🙂


    2. RealDeal,

      You are right he slid in a bonus Hilary dig which really seemed out of place with the rest of the post. That said, stick around… might get a good discussion.


      1. I’m not planning on going any where. I’ve read through some of the old discussions. This might be good.

        I think Curmudgeon’s reply was decent. I see that likability is an issue. I don’t agree because I find her likable enough. Certainly not the warmth of her husband, but she does not drool or insult people.


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